Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


This is SO NOT the picture I wanted to post today. We were promised rain - first time this year that I can remember, and I was hoping to get a rain picture, but all we got was about an hour and it wasn't even in a thunderstorm. We did have a terrific sandstorm about two hours before the rain started, but I was busy!

Today, I have had a good chat with the cleaner about upcoming projects and secured his help with them. I then went out to run a few errands and have been home since then. Amazingly, G managed to find a channel showing the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics which was nice, but seemed pointless. These will be the least watched games methinks! By me anyway. Found out too that the next ones are in Beijing, so I hope there will be better coverage.

My blip is of two of G's friends that hang around on her sofa. I thought with this years' CNY being The Year of the Dog, they are topical! I guess the other big thing for this part of the world is the sudden passing of Sridevi - a Bollywood actress who started in movies around the time I stopped watching Hindi films! It was great to watch the tributes and get to know more about her achievements.

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