Hendrix having a laugh.

Today we had a lovely Sunday dinner with the whole family including Julia and Dean, Johanna and Luke, Joanne and Daniel with Dylan, Lennon and Hendrix, Great Granny (F.M.i.L.), Marlane and me of course.
Special dinner with Cauliflower Cheese, lots of chicken, Pork and Smoked Haddock (for those that prefer it). Joanne made two desserts, a Cinnamon Whirl and Banoffee pie, and I'd made a carrot cake too.
Why so special? because we were all there, all 12 of us (including Hendrix) and following on from yesterdays great news (Blipped).
We were patting a balloon around the room, bottom left of picture) and Hendrix was in hysterics at this. Lennon helped with his jumping around as though he was a Riverdance artist! 
We all had a great time, so much laughter .

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