Probably Neolithic.

Noo requested that I take his picture beside this “probably Neolithic” fire at Newhaven Fort. He wanted to show his brother, who was freezing his shorts off in a rugby match. On the basis of this photo, I confess to cutting Noo’s fringe tonight. He can now see!!

I’m pleased to say that I managed a few hours sleep last night. I fell asleep in my own bed, but decamped to Noo’s bed when he appeared by my side at 2am. I got up again for medicine at 4am, and Noo woke me briefly at 7am. I managed to stay in bed until just before 9am.

Desperate for a bit of exercise, I ran part of the way to Newhaven. It was cold, but beautifully sunny - the sort of day that uplifts the soul.

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