Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Happy Boy

Trip to London for me and my Monkey. First we had coffee with a view of St. Paul's, then we headed to The Museum of London to look at the Roman section because the boy is obsessed.

Then on to the Barbican Centre for the LSO family concert based on flight. We arrived in time for a singing workshop and a short music workshop before the actual concert.

The concert opened with the theme from ET followed by a couple of other compositions involving birds. The finale was the Star Wars theme which Will loved and gave me goosebumps. However before that was a world premiere of a piece written for the book FArTHER. It was beautiful and brought a wonderful book to life. There was even audience participation, singing parts that we learnt in the singing workshop.

All in all a very good day. Will even managed to earn more money for Guide Dogs by doing some jobs for me before we went out this morning.

Carys is slowly improving. She went for a walk with Jim today and if it wasn't for the coldsores she would almost look normal if still a little pale.

I know I have a number of back blips to post. My plan is to do them over the weekend coming, when I will be hanging around with time in my hands, weather allowing the travel to take place. Fingers crossed it doesn't cause us any major issues as this weekend is so important for C.

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