Three bridges

‘Drive around the estate,’ Davey said, shoving me into the back of the Roller. ‘The Three Chimneys tour. I’ve only done it twice and I want to see if I can improve my time.’

Up at six and onto the 26 to Waverley, where I pick up the airport bus. The plane boards on time, but a technical problem keeps us on the ground for an hour. Luckily they fix it and the paperwork, so I get to Heathrow with plenty of time to get my connection.

I do some work in the plane, but also watch a couple of movies too: Three Billboards and Battle of the sexes.

At Philadelphia I make the mistake of speaking to the immigration officer without being spoken to. He stares at his screen in controlled anger before asking “are you done yet?” I sheepishly nod and he lets me in.

Arriving in Phoenixville, Keith and I head to Root Down for a beer and a bite. Then it’s back to do the ironing and get an early night.

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