Mono Monday - On The Table.

Thank you to KangaZu for hosting this challenge.   This is our dining table with one of T's jigsaws.  The board that he does them on folds into a zip case, so when we need the table the jigsaw can be put away without disturbing the pieces.  Jigsaws are his life saver in the winter when he cannot get out in the garden, otherwise he roams round the house looking for jobs to do.  Even worse he keeps coming up into my craft room, standing there looking round and I know he is itching to have a good sort out in there.  The conversation goes something like this:
T: Do you use all of these things?
Me: Yes
T: Do you want me to put more shelves up?   I could do that this afternoon, if you like
Me: No thank you, it's fine as it is.  Don't you have a jigsaw or something to do?
T: I have just finished it, so I thought I could have a go sorting your room
Bless his little cotton socks.

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