A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

Seeing Double Seeing Double

These two bunnies were frolicking & playing in the garden this morning & I'm pleased I didn't turn up the chance to Blip their fun & games. Bugs & Lola looked happy & carefree & it was sweet to see them run around the garden. It might not have been such a happy picture had Hunter Mick been at home for the weekend. Instead, thankfully, for Mr & Mrs R. Abbit, Mick & Ma were at the Caravan for a wet weekend away.

Talking of doubles, today was one of my last two days left at the Hotel before my escape is complete. My day on the bar passed fairly uneventfully, in fact it was so quite that the urge to clean took over. Some of my colleagues have been getting quite angry (pretend I'm must confess) too that I'm leaving, so I was not only battling the boredom of a slow day, but also the occasional cold shoulder & head tilt away, or the classic, 'what's that noise, is that the wind whistling?' as they register/ ignore what I'm saying. It's all banter! It's very sweet & it's actually, & possibly surprisingly, quite saddening to be leaving as I have settled in well & met some very nice people. Anyway, enough of that for one day.

Willow was returning home this evening as he has a flight tomorrow morning to Malta to catch (alright for some!). Jen & Ri kindly took him to the station & we had arranged that I would pop down after to work to see him off. Simply in principle & literally only a matter of minutes trundle down the road. However, things didn't pan out. I ended up sitting in traffic at the entrance of the station carpark, & as the whistle blew signalling it's departure, I did manage to pull into a space, only to see the train leave.

Strangely, a very sad moment, as I did want to see ol' Will off, but of course it's no matter, he doesn't live far away & with the aid of modern technology, we spoke on the phone & said tata! Simple really.

A fun weekend & the excitement is tangible now with just one more day at Fawlty Towers to go!


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