Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Bonnie in her pyramid!

Must have been chilly last night as Bonnie rarely used the pyramid otherwise.

Will went to Luton today and had a shattered tooth removed under sedation. He was fabulous, jumped into the chair and quite happily dismissed me. He was a little subdued after and surprisingly (or not) did not want to go to his swimming lesson. He cheered up a little when I bought him a strawberry sundae as the dental nurse had suggested some ice-cream to help the healing/pain. I think he'll have a fat lip tomorrow though as it looked like he'd bitten the inside of his mouth at bedtime.

Carys survived another day at school. She went to ballet and her teacher was gentle with her. We have the rearranged date for her Grade 5 exam, it clashes with one of my bike rides, but obviously the dancing takes precedence. She was very tired after. I am worried that she won't be back to her normal sparkly self by Friday. GP appt tomorrow morning for her as her left eye is still a little bloodshot.

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