We haven't seen a decent sunset yet, because the sky has been overcast and cloudy, so we decided to get up early this morning to see if the sunrise would be better.

We thought it would still be dark at 6 am but when I looked out of the window at 5.50 it was quite light, so we got dressed quickly and walked down to the beach - there were lots of other people there too, many of whom were swimming.  This is obviously the best time to go, as the water is warm, but the sun isn't too hot.

There was lots to see;  the sun was still not anxious to show itself, but there were some beautiful crepuscular rays and the clouds were lovely too.  We paddled along the edge of the sea and noticed the waves getting rougher and higher, which was obviously bringing in small fish, which in turn meant that the various fishermen, both in boats and on the beach, were having some success.

It was interesting to see the fishermen in boats throwing out their nets and then hauling them back in - obviously we couldn't see what they were catching, but the nets were being "turned out" in the boat, and then being thrown back into the sea for the next catch of fish.

Obviously motorbikes don't just drive on the roads, as there were quite a lot of motorbikes being driven onto the beach;  the riders would dismount, hunker down to make sure their fishing tackle was in order and then move into their various positions.  Most of them were wearing long-sleeved jackets, so they must have been very hot or perhaps they cannot afford sun cream so need to protect their bodies in other ways.

I was interested to see the lady scraping in the sand with a rock - when I went over to see what she was collecting, it looked just like stones, but perhaps it was some sort of shellfish.  I said "Xin chao" to her, which just means "Hello" and she then spoke to me in Vietnamese, but sadly I didn't understand a word.  

The beach was clean, but there were quite a lot of palm leaves and branches, brought down by the high winds which seem to be a feature of most afternoons and these were what the young man was collecting and putting in his black bag.  He was obviously from our complex as he was only collecting from a limited area of the beach.  

We laughed when we saw the coconut that had obviously been washed ashore, so decided I would say "Hello" to all my Blip friends.  As usual, Mr. HCB wandered off while I was writing in the sand, and I did get a few strange looks, but I didn't let that stop me!

Along with many other Blippers, I'm not that keen on having my photograph taken, but thought we should have a "selfie" just to prove that we were both down by the sea.  I'm not that keen on swimming and feel quite self-conscious in a swimming costume, but seeing some of the very ample proportions of various ladies on the beach and in the sea, I don't think I need to be worried, so we might even go down to the beach early again tomorrow morning and have a swim - however, there will definitely be no photographs!

After walking for about half an hour, we turned back and were sitting down having our breakfast just after 7 am.  I think it could be a long day!  Despite using the Vie patches that make me smell like Marmite and using Jungle Juice, I have rather a nasty bite on my left arm, so need to make sure I keep applying the antihistamine cream - obviously Vietnamese mozzies like Marmite!

Most of the male workers around the complex wear long-sleeved shirts and long trousers with a baseball cap and Mung, put in as an extra, was happy to pose for me.  I have been watching him work, cutting the edge of the grass with small hand shears and moving along on his haunches - he is being very meticulous and must be SO hot in the full sun - it made me wonder how much he is paid - probably not that much but they are so content with their lot.   Another man is coming along after Mung and sweeping up the cut grass - again being very diligent.

The ladies also wear long-sleeved tops and long trousers with the typical conical "non la" or leaf hat, made from bamboo and palm leaves held on by a cloth chin strap.  Just as I was typing this, sitting outside our bungalow, one of the ladies came along and was sweeping so I took a photograph of her, which I have also put in as an extra.  The devotion and diligence of both the men and women here is wonderful to see and they obviously take such a pride in their work.                                                                                                                                              

We feel for our friends in the UK who are having a very "cold snap" at the moment, while we are sweltering in temperatures in the upper thirties!  Interestingly, a lady asked us when we were walking along the beach where we were from;  after we had told her, we asked her the same question - she said she was from Siberia - so she is obviously missing their "cold snap" too.

Thank you again for your kind comments, stars and hearts - it's good to know you are enjoying our Anniversary Holiday with us.

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