And more snow

I know it's boring - EVERYONE is blipping snow.  But we were discussing when we last had this much snow - our neighbour thinks it hasn't been this bad here since 1976!  Most winters, we get barely any snow here in Norfolk.  I absolutely do not subscribe to the idea that if the Scandinavians can cope with snow like this, so should we be able to.  As a country, we can't afford to prepare for a once in a decade situation like this.  And it will all be gone by Monday!

The snow is very pretty so long as you can sit inside and admire it.  But I feel for the poor souls who have to go out, for whatever reason.  I'm glad we don't have to go out, though we have run out of milk - no hardship for me, I prefer my tea black, but poor W is not so pleased.

W cleared a path to the office so I could go and cycle for 30mins, and do the ironing - though I haven't brought the clean and ironed washing back into the house, as it hasn't stopped snowing since.

Edit - now tagged for Wildwed100 - thanks to Caileach for hosting this, and reaching a milestone 

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