The winter has finally started to disappear and there's some spring in the air. I had too much clothes for the morning walk and afternoon walk with the dogs. Fantastic! I'd rather be warm than cold. 

I had a friend for coffee. It was great to have a change to talk about all the stuff that's happening. There's been a fatal car crash, one loss of father, job stress, all kinds of new events and happenings.

I visited our local charity shop. Wednesday is the best day for that. They have the coolest people working there on Wednesday. These two British ladies just are the best. I told them a little secret that I'm not telling you yet. They were so supportive as was my coffee friend. I feel like I'm getting so much support here from my friends and acquaintances. I never had that in Helsinki. It's amazing what a fab community we are. 

Also a lot of sewing today. Check out here: https://www.instagram.com/vhgalacant/

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