Ruins in the Snow

Today we headed to Shropshire. The weather was fine for the drive up, I think we had picked the strip of the UK not suffering from the worst of the snow. However, pretty much as soon as we stopped, the snow began to fall.

The second extra shows the conditions at Acton Burnell castle, we didn't long. Of course, 5 minutes after we had jumped back in the car, the skies cleared and the sun appeared. A pattern which repeated throughout the day.

The main blip shows our second stop. After sitting in the snow for a few minutes, it eased and we jumped out to walk around Moreton Corbet Castle. A dramatic set of ruins and even more spectacular in the snow.

We decided there was time for one more and our last stop was Lilleshall Abbey. Another vast ruin, we walked up as the road access was closed and were blessed with some sunshine for a few minutes (see the first extra).

Back in the car, the snowfall returned and we were glad to reach our overnight destination. A really fun day, we were very fortunate the conditions were not really a major problem given what else has happened around the UK today.

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