Marsupium Photography

By magi

silent night

Day 3 of the USS strike and very cold it was too. We stood on the picket line reasonably well prepared. 

Took Max in the afternoon for a lovely walk through the snowy Hermitage and up freezing Blackford Hill (pics on flickr). The Beast from the East has turned Edinburgh into a winter wonderland. We haven't had this much snow in ages. Proper, nice snow that stays on the ground as powder without turning into slush. Unsurprisingly, it also caused complete traffic melt down. Ah well, I guess some people decided to try their luck in spite of the plenty warnings. Schools were closed and uni was closed in the afternoon (on top of the strike). Cameron Toll shopping centre was empty and most shops closed. Tomorrow will be off too.

I do love the snow, especially when it is this nice. Having said that I'd rather have it in December or January. Looks like the anomalously warm period in the arctic with above freezing temperatures has messed up the weather systems and brought the cold to us. What about having a go at sorting out climate change rather than the displacement activity that brexit is. 

Dalkeith Road was unusually quiet tonight.

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