By don_T

Cramming for my test...

3.5 months of practice, immersing myself, followed by cramming today for my certification test. This photo is of my materials used to prepare (but doesnt reflect the countless hours physically doing it myself). My time was 3:30-4:00 and i was the last of 6 barre certifications (ballet with attitude). I was extremely proud to have passed and to hear the words "100%" and that she could tell i have worked very hard on this. I have practiced on everyone i know and listened to it every day on my commute, visualzing the moves to match the music. I then had a brief rest/celebration before i had to lace up and head out to teach my regular tuesday night aquafit class. I was happy to see a really big turnout tonight, it was a blast - good music, fun friends and great fitness moves. I have committed to learning 2 participant names a week and have been very successful learning almost all of them.

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