Oh To Be A Goose .

Whilst UK falls into chaos due to a little snow and it was little in Manchester ,the geese were as brilliant as ever on the canal , frozen in parts but they coped superbly . I met Emily ( see blip) in the Atlas Bar and it was great fun .Then she presented me with wonderful gift.  A cushion cover depicting Canada Geese made by her young mans grandma and given to me .The Geese where amazing and but my flight landed  back in Berlin 1hr 40 mins later than scheduled.This because Manchester Airport has very few de- icers  so as a result we were 8th in the queue ..Have had to use night transport and a taxi to get home and am about to 'crash' .   A late blip due to circumstances beyond my control ...It's now 02:37 on the 1st  March .Time to sleep .Had I been a goose ,flight there and back would have been easier and they don't get iced up. ....

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