By Doyley22


....for Abstract Thursday hosted by Ingeborg - with thanks.
A busy day with a couple of appointments then into the city on the train for a coffee, chocolate cheesecake and a little pot of hot chocolate sauce for the pastry shared with Marie and her broken arm still.  It was lovely to see her again.  Her arm is coming along well.  
After indulging and as I was about to enter the train I spotted lines of the abstract variety and quickly snapped it on my phone - see the Extra.  To create the blip I have used RollWorld app to create the time tunnel look.  I love it.  It reminded me of the show in the 60s, I think, called Time Tunnel - I use to sit on the edge of my seat with anxiousness.  Phew. 
I may be short of a blip over the weekend as I will be out of action.  
Hopefully I will be able to comment and maybe blip.  If not, I will catch you when I am back on deck.  
Take care and have a lovely weekend - a long one here.

Thank you to all who gave hearts and sprinkled stars for the Flower Friday entry I posted last week.  I am so grateful for all your comments and sprinkles.  I have attempted to respond and some I have missed.  My apologies.   

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