Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Scandinavian Swimmers

Have you heard about ( or eaten?)  Swedish Fish?   They are jelly candies made in Sweden that I always see when I go to the Scandinavian Deli at Christmas time.   Well, in  Trader Joes’ this week  (the one in the Scandinavian part of town  ! I wonder if in all?)   I saw these Scandinavian Swimmers that look similar.    Dolphins, rockfish, seahorses, and lobsters. 

Then I wondered what was the difference from Gummi Bears, which is a German candy innovated in the 1920s.   so I’m going to tell!. :-)  A gummi has a protein base of gelatin from connective tissues (knuckles, hooves, skin) which throws many people, especially vegetarians, away from them!   There is no vegetarian gelatin.   The jelly candies are carbohydrate based with cornstarch and tapioca.  A bit different consistency but both translucent.   

Think I’ll stick with the sea creatures…. (photographed on a glass shelf in the window light)

Might be a “one and only” blip of candy for the WBC

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