By beeeze

All done

Home again after a really fabulous weekend. Yes it was hard work but would I do it again?? In a heartbeat. Lovely Pink Ladies, lots of laughs, made some new friends, met some old friends (in the flesh for the first time!), cooked up a storm and saw some stunning countryside.

Last night the ladies presented me with a book filled with messages and comments on the weekend. It made me laugh and cry and I shall treasure it :)

This is what I cooked for my 13 low-carb weekenders:


D: Nibbles: feta cubes, olives, mixed nuts, mini chorizo sausages

Chicken kebabs, salad, BNS wedges, tahini sauce, mayonnaise, hot sauce

Mint choc chip fool


B: sausage patties, roast tomatoes, cheese slices, Greek yoghurt, raspberries

PL: cauli and leek fritters, cheese portion, salted almonds, cucumber sticks, pot of dip, cooked chicken, ham slice, small chocolate bar (80%)

D: lettuce soup, walnut crisps with stilton and parmesan, poached salmon, spinach with mushrooms, green beans with garlic



B: Bacon, eggs, tomatoes, yoghurt, raspberries

D: Creamy mushroom pots, 9 hour slow roast lamb, aubergine with lemongrass, coriander and mint pesto, green salad

Jaffa mousse


B: Salmon and cheese bake and anything left in the fridge...

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