and again....

Another snow trains but gradually the buses started and although there aren't many cars out there's enough people walking around to make the pavements well and truly slushy.
Very late up - was caught in bed by A phoning to talk over her current relationship troubles, poor thing. Other chats to Mt and T.....decided to call it and not plan to try and get down this weekend as otherwise I was spending too much time checking twitter and website updates (or will I just wait till tomorrow morning???) and feeling unsettled.
Some work from the sofa and a couple of trips out for food - although the supermarket was pretty bare (no deliveries for 2 days). I'm toying with doing afternoon tea on Sunday after a great suggestion from hazelh....will depend on being able to buy supplies!
Managed to get enough to make a slow cook proper ragu and big lasagne (comfort food par excellence!) then knitting for the evening.

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