Snow Day

After the snow yesterday, the heaven opened for most of the evening with freezing rain. I've not experienced this before, windows and doors looked like they were glazed with frosted glass, and out side everything and I mean everything had a sheet of ice over it. Out gravel drive had turned in to an ice rink. Luckily Daisy was the first one on it, and her slipping alerted me to the danger. I managed to clear a path from the house, and broke up some of the ice on the gravel so that there was a safe path to the gate. But the private road through the camp was also sheet ice. As is is almost 1 mile long and mostly downhill I didn't feel it was safe to drive on, even with a 4x4, so I closed the office. I spoke to a staff member that lives within walking distance of the office and she said her partner had fallen over 3 times when he walked into town and a car had nearly gone though a shop window when it slid in the square, luckily it was only going slow. So I think it was the right decision. I've never seen snow with think ice on the top, as a (not very good) snowboarder, I've seen a fair bit of snow, but nothing like this. Stay safe everyone. Oh this is a long tailed tit feeding in the garden.

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