Learning day by day

By EmmaF

The Boy in the Dress

World Book Day and W actually got to go as the character he wanted to be last year but was scuppered by school giving the kids specific authors to choose from. Easy for me to sort and I think he looked great.

C went as Susan from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, before she went to Narnia while she was being evacuated. Luckily she could recycle last week's gas mask box etc.

The snow came down all morning and I got twitchy, but my head said we could go when we needed to, so C had first lunch and we left. I am glad we did because we missed the traffic but it still took a long time and I had to stop a number of times to clean the windscreen as the squirty stuff was frozen.

Anyway we are here. Nice hotel, had a bus trip into Kingston for food and we ended up in Lush. Don't ask! All set for tomorrow now.

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