By rat

breaking new ground

well, snow actually.
Energetic morning and lazy afternoon.
Went for a run in the park and the woods and, as people had gone before, the paths were compacted enough (but not too much) for good running, though still harder work than usual.
Then back to the car and a change into boots and snowshoes and an expedition over the golf course which was largely untrodden except by deer though we did meet a group of cross-country skiers (I suppose I could have taken their pic). 
After the snowshoe I did a few runs on the sledge - must have been the oldest person by far (it was good to see lots of families out but I felt sorry for the young lad in the shop where we bought pain au chocolate who asked his dad (I assume) if they could play in the snow and was told it was too cold).
It was grey, and just above freezing all day, with some snow showers and the red flag was about the only colour - so I edited the pic to make the rest truly monochrome.
Now enjoying a glass of wine after a suitable winter tea which included homemade sweet potato an dred pepper soup.

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