After Snow and Blizzard

The world and his wife were out today
to see fields outlined in silk,
leave their bootprints in slush.
Everyone smiled to be out and about,
to find shelves rich with milk.

In no mood to rush,
I walked round muddy lanes
past gambolling lamb and watchful ewe
till the bronze sun sank
and a buzzard flew.
The world after snow and blizzard
is a world made new.

© Celia Warren 2018

The village post-office-shop was doing a roaring trade in milk sales this morning. Thank goodness! (With careful management, we were down to about a pint, but it's nice to have our usual half a gallon in the fridge again!)

Amazingly, all the tiny tete-a-tete daffodils that were buried in snow for three day have bounced back as if it had never been. I've cut the few that were lying down for the mantlepiece. Lots of primroses out everywhere, too. Let's hope spring gets back on track now! The lambs I saw had a spring in their step.

Have a lovely weekend, blipmates!

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