tempus fugit

By ceridwen

Red among the white

I was pleased to get a distant shot of one of the redwings reported to be foraging down at the harbour during the wintry weather.  This one was busy rummaging among the seaweed. A member of the thrush family like its close relative the fieldfare, it's a winter visitor usually to be seen in flocks feeding on insects and berries in hedges and pastures. The rusty badge below the wing gives the bird its name but on this occasion it wasn't the only patch of red to be seen. Close by on the harbour wall were the recently decapitated corpses of a pigeon and an oyster catcher both with their breasts ripped out (see extra if you don't mind the gore.) My ornithological Sherlock, who I consult with any bird-related queries, reckons it's the work of a peregrine falcon. Even Dr Watson would know that a shy little fieldfare could not be implicated, despite its crimson stain.

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