Learning day by day

By EmmaF

White Lodge, day two

Yesterday C's group had their ballet class and tour of the school. Today it is interview and physio assessment.

Afterwards we had a few tears, she was cross she was crying but I think it was to be expected after two days of stress and constantly being on her mettle.

We headed off to the new hotel (Ballet Boost Mid3 assessments tomorrow with Emma Northmore, so easier to stay than go home and drive back!). After a shower C felt better so we headed out to the cinema to watch the fantastic Greatest Showman.

On the way home C told me a bit about the day. The interview had been a lot about her and a bit about ballet. She told the that Daddy did Ballroom as a kid and that I had taken up beginners adult ballet last year (obviously failing to mention that I have stopped due to a clash with her classes!). When asked about corrections she said she'd be worried if she didn't get corrections as it would mean she wasn't learning and improving. In the physio assessment she told the physio that she had the box splits at Christmas but has had a growth spurt since and was working to get them back and when doing single leg jumps she explained to him that she knew she was loosing her turn out on landing but again she thought it was due to her growing and that she was doing strengthening exercises!

She's now in bed and snoring, recuperating in time for tomorrow.

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