Daffodils on a grey day

After a very early awakening by Louie, who needed to go outside at 5.00am,  MrM and I went back to sleep and had a late start to the day.

Looks like the thaw has started - after a few snow flurries early on, it's now raining on and off. Even so, MrM has gone off in the car to "see what the snow drifts are like". (Hopefully he won't get stuck in one, or he'll have my wrath as well as the emergency services' to contend with... .) He tried to persuade me to go too, with the inducement that I might get some good shots.  If it were bright and sunny I may have been tempted, but the idea of more photos of snow under a gloomy grey sky didn't seem very attractive. So, instead, a cheerful shot of some daffodils will have to suffice.

Planning on a lazy evening - hopefully back to work tomorrow.

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