Radical Exposure (EP17)

This week's challenge: Radical Exposure
Tag: EP17
Go for: Artistic impression.
Hosted by Markus_Hediger

A friend loaned and dropped this off for me this morning, if your not sure what it is?  it's in the Extra.  I turned the exposure 3 or 4 stops down and cropped the picture a little.

It's not a very nice heat but it's heat, so I've just used it today for short bursts now and again if I need to be doing something downstairs. The fridge? hmmmm, I opened the door yesterday and found it all soggy and wet the little freezer compartment had defrosted and the few things I had in there were soft so they went in the bin. Im not sure if it was just so cold in the house that the fridge didn't think it needed to kick in, or if it's kappooted on me too. Time will tell. Meanwhile, apart from a minor wobble last night Im generally remaining positive.

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