Remember Wilson?

This is actually my hubby peeking over the shed wall. As you can see the entire roof is gone. Blown off by winter storm Riley. Today we need to replace it and fix our house roof because it is going to rain Tuesday. There is also the threat of another winter storm. As we were working on the roof hubby was on a short ladder bench and the leg twisted and broke. He fell flat on his back and it fell on top of him. He hit the pier really hard when he fell. His hammer fell and struck him in the hip. It scared me so bad. I helped him up after a while and we got the job done. He is very sore and has a large knot on his hip. He had to cancel a job he had for tomorrow. I can tell you hubby and I are getting to old for roof work!
Many thanks to my niece, nephew and a family friend for sitting with the folks today so we could get this job done. We also came home to a ready made supper so I did not have to cook made by a his wife.

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