It’s sNOw problem!

Escaped the village this afternoon after five days of being cut off due to the snow and icy conditions. DB arrived in his trusty steed (VW golf) to rescue me from cabin fever and we made our way along the A20 past snow drifts and a car buried up to its roof in snow.

Six miles up the road we reached the lane leading up to the Gliding Club where we abandoned the car to walk the last mile.

We trudged along the still snowy lane (see extra photo) spotting pheasants and rabbits enjoying the tranquility except for a few barking dogs. The workshop was locked up with no sign of any leaks over our beloved rebuild project and the car park a squidgy, slushy mess of snow, ice and mud.

As we walked through the deserted caravan park there was no sign of Windsock (the airfield cat). The farmer had snow ploughed the lane and driven across the airfield so we walked in the tyre tracks past the hangars up to the wood.

At 400ft above sea level Challock is always one of the worst hit areas in bad weather and today it was a winter wonderland surrounded by tall trees iced in snowflakes again the skyline of a setting sun.

Back in the caravan park we heard a mew-mew and there was a black cat hidden under a caravan. Out of the door popped a friendly resident who told us the cat had been treated to freshly shot rabbit that morning. Lucky cat!

She was so pleased to see us and climbed up my leg onto my shoulder, head butting DB and hugging me for warmth... how nice to be missed!

The lane should be driveable tomorrow with the snow due to thaw so a plan is afoot to return to the workshop...Watch this space.

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