A Lovely Monday

Yes, it is possible! I had a really good Monday!

Went to work for 3 1/2 hours, then took the train to Neustadt, spent a few hours in the vocational school watching a few apprentices doing their practical interim exam, went back to Kaiserslautern (again by train), worked for another hour and a half and took the train home.

And because it had been a very relaxed Monday (for me, not the apprentices) which had given me lots of time to read my book on the train rides and because I was soooo deep in the story I missed my station. Which gave me another 35 minutes of reading time on a bench in the sun and in lovely 12°C. Spring temperatures! Was great! Didn't matter I was home late.

Oh, and the blip is taken from the train and shows the train station of the little village Frankenstein, half way between Kaiserslautern and Neustadt.
I like that town! Not the first blip.

19:50; 6°C

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