#Lucky, happy & loved :)

By J4net


Not only is it ugly, it's disgusting.

Saw this on my walk today, it wasn't there yesterday. Not only that, but there were loads of poop too!! (No snow to stop folk scooping either).

Feeling really wobbly today, frustrated and angry with myself for being so grhhh!!!!!

Should have listened to my friends and taken more time off sooner. I'm now worrying that I might be wasting my redeployment time by being off sick! Hopefully my RCN rep will clarify for me when we meet tomorrow.

Seeing GP on Wednesday and my line manager afterwards.

So embarrassed and feel foolish to be 53 and not looking after myself better than I should.

Sorry for the moan, but blip is a space and I thank you all ♡♡♡

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