Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Exploring light

it doesn't take long --
a few seconds of good light
get me excited

(This is definitely better viewed large)

I seem to get more and more of these impulses; it's as if I've grown a special sensor, a light-sensitive cell that is always on the lookout for that special light... Today there were several examples of that, with very different subjects. Julie here of course, but also, as you can see in today's Flickr set, a small dog and even a combination of sheets hung to dry and a towel.

The last photo of the set is a candid portrait I took this morning over my shoulder because I had seen the young man's reflection in a glassed door in front of me...

I watched two documentaries about photographers today: one about Robert Frank and the other about pioneer Nadar (whose grave I visited when I was last at the Père Lachaise cemetery).

Oh - and I packed a few more books too.

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