Lizellens Lot

By lizellen

Insect unknown

Today I tried the macro setting on the SX60 HS. This insect was sitting on a leaf totally disinterested in the camera being poked in its face. It wasn't until I put it up on the computer that I saw the amazing long legs and realised that I hadnt managed to get their full length in the photo.

Can anyone give a name to this insect? I have looked in my insect books but have not seen anything that it could be.

I had a magical experience today. This afternoon a friendly fantail flew into the room through the wide open doors. Cameras were nowhere in sight so I watched. It chittered and chatted and flew so close I could feel the movement of air on my face. I stretched out my arm and to my delight it landed on my wrist. I froze while it sat there telling me a long long story of which I didnt understand a word. I have never had a wild bird sit on me before. It felt very special.

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