By loisbiz

Where did she go?

Two Blue Herons flew into the lake but only this one stayed. He looked confused about why the other one left. Clearly they were a couple.....but now there is one.

The Bald Eagles were up in their tree, the Gadwalls were pairing up and the Red Winged Blackbirds were singing up a storm! Love is in the Air.

I have a handyman coming tomorrow so I went under the deck to  figure out exactly what I want him to do.....there are some boards that need to be replaced and I wondered if there were some pilings that needed to be jacked up and supported..... I decided the pilings are okay....BUT while I was down there I saw a freshly DEAD raccoon!!!!! Yes, a DEAD raccoon! I called animal control and they said to simply bag it up and put it in the garbage!!!!!  What the Heck? So,  I put on my rubber gloves, used a shovel to bag up the animal and put him in the garbage. I am just grateful that I found him before he started to decay and smell!       :-))    &     :-((    

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