Underneath The Arches

Had a little time to wander around the riverside in Leeds before my ballet class.
Took this under the Crown Point Bridge over the River Aire.
After my lesson l had to rush back home to get to my two youngest granddaughters school where they were both doing some short ballet dances as part of a little concert for Mother’s and Grannies.
So l went with Rebecca.
We had tea and coffee in vintage china cups and saucers and home made biscuits and cakes before we watched.
Verity danced a solo, kitty in a trio and then both were in the final group dance.
Ballet is an option on their curriculum, it’s only once a week and for about half an hour.
What is fortunate is that their ballet school teachers , where they do hours of dance each week also teach here.
I’ve blurred a lot of faces in the extras but l wanted these as a reminder of a lovely afternoon.
It’s usually photographs of their older sister Ruby doing ballet on here so it’s good to include these two.
Thanks for all your wishes for my wedding anniversary yesterday.
We spent a lot of it at the hopital seeing the consultant and having tests.
The good news is that the results are going in the right direction and the next infusion can take place tomorrow, so that’s another day at the hospital.
We did go out for a meal last night though.

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