By seizetheday

Hint of blue

Another very grey, gloomy day, and very wet too! Heavy rain overnight and snow melt had turned many of the roads in to rivers, and it was an 'interesting' bus ride in to Berwick. A van had failed to get through some deep water and stopped, blocking the road into Lowick, but somehow the bus driver managed to back up a considerable distance on to the main road, allowing us to continue our journey!

Too wet to walk to the office - muddy spray from passing vehicles was the main problem - I caught a bus each way. The rain continued, so didn't stay long in case of bus cancellations later in the day should the weather worsen. By the time we passed through Ancroft on the way back, the road there resembled a large lake!

The rain eased off around lunch time. By late afternoon, when MrM and I took Louie for a short walk, looking over the rooftops on the High Street there was a hint of blue in the sky...

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