twinned with trumpton

By misterft

Started from 7; cleared some stuff; wrote an e mail or two but as it got towards 0845, the rain still fell. I had a 9 and a 9.30 so I couldn't delay it any longer. 
Oh it rained. 
From #1 to #2 was OK; I got there and hid inside a supermarket for 10 minutes and after #2 it eased somewhat and my 2 jackets / waterproofs / hiking boots just about held out. 
Up into town for a shimmy about there; and a brief tea with her at lunchtime; then off out homewards (even managed to grab milk, lime and £2.99 Californian chardonnay.)

I attempted work with some success; but come 5 I was done; slept and then set about the housework; some cooking and a bit of light painting. (Not painting lights for the pedants amongst you out there)
Even phoned Maw to pencil in Orkney for Easter weekend (or to put the cat amongst the pigeons if you prefer)

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