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In Her Own World

Thursday was another half day at school.  I picked up my Sugar and had lunch with her.  Then we went to the library, and took some photos, as I had this idea for my Challenge this week.  See below for the details. 

Sugar had an Orthodontist appointment, and it went well.  Then I dropped her off at her cousin's house for a sleepover weekend.  

I went home for a quiet evening at home with The Hubby.  I had a sore throat, and felt so was an early bedtime for me.

Week 10 Vision: Selective Color~Vision: This category is designed to push you to go beyond sight, to insight; to take inspiration and make it a reality. Vision exists in your imagination and is revealed your photographs; expressing something otherwise invisible. Developing a Vision for your work is showing to others what you see in your mind’s eye.
I had a few ideas for this week's theme, and the weather was not giving me any breaks. Ultimately, I shot a few of my ideas, and this one is the one that spoke to me in the end. 
I'm an avid reader, and I have longed for my daughter to get into reading for her whole life. It finally happened this year, and NOW I have to beg her to stop reading and go to sleep on school nights. She gets lost in the books, just like I do. 
I wanted to ge a shot that protrayed the idea of getting lost in your own little colorful book world, as the world around you slips into the background. 
This was a fun week, that really had me thinking about the importance of a vision.
Canon 5d Mark IV 40mm, ISO 1600, 1/160, f2.8

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