Almost gone......

......the snow, that is!   Walked down to the centre today to have lunch with M, and passed this park on the way.  Just a little snow hanging around, but actually felt quite mild and it was nice to walk!

We had our usual chatty lunch, before I walked home.  The HG had been busy elsewhere so we caught up at home.  

A friend sent me a cutting from the Glasgow Herald with the obituary of Bert Dobbie.   He died at 93 years, and had been a stalwart of the climbing fraternity in his young days, and also pioneered the building of the first ski tow in Glencoe.  His life story made very interesting reading.  These guys who opened up the country to working people in the '40s and '50s were tough men and we will not see their like again.  He frequented the Craigallian fire, on the Carbeth estate, listening to the tales of the older unemployed men who kept a 'drum' of tea going.....the HG's dad I am told used to go there, like many of his contemporaries.

We owe these men a debt as they believed the country should be for the people and not just big estate owners, and fought for the right to roam!

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