I must apologise as in my earlier upload I had described the “dog walking” area as one word instead of two.  Having Googled the word I used I see that it appears to be quite a popular pastime and I was possibly inadvertently correct anyway . . .
Yes, this is the dog walking area in Bourne’s Wellhead park, and yes I’m on dog walking duties again.  I may well be for a few days yet.  The tiny blobs are Biskit and new friend Clair – this activity reduces the human element of walking by tenfold.
The shot at extra was taken a fraction of a second before I gained two ‘puppy’ Labrador paw prints on my chest just below camera level.  All three shots that I have kept are on Flickr  but I haven't corrected the title, sorry.

Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting Wide Angle Wednesday - Animals

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