By Hillyblips


Or should I say - suspense?

Certainly suspense this afternoon waiting for owls who I feel were being a tad pedantic in that they decided for reasons best known to themselves not to show.

Suspension in that I was staring at  the Severn Bridge; finished being built in in 1996 linking England to S Wales with a second crossing and opened by the  Prince of Wales. However it is less suspended but more cable stayed to be technically correct.

What you might not know about the construction:

Workers consumed:
½ million eggs
1½ million rashers of bacon,
10,000 loaves
12,000 catering size tins of baked beans
19,000 chips
150,000 mugs of tea and coffee
150,000 pints of milk
½ million sausages which if laid end to end would stretch from Cardiff to Birmingham.

This was the first bridge in the world to have it's traffic protected by wind buffers! The pylons are 150m high, having warning lights for aircraft, are hollow inside and have lifts to provide access. Quite a feat in that there is a 14m tidal range, an 8 knot tidal flow and exposure to 100mph winds.

Impressive to look at I feel being silhouetted against the setting sky.

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