where I work and where I grew up.. I have lived in lots of other places but my heart lies here ..

You can see the house where I grew up in the thumbnail. It's the white one at the back on the right. It was built by Thomas Telford and was full of exciting nooks and crannies, brilliant for hide and seek, but was freezing in winter ...my brother and I loved it.

We were lucky enough to have a pretty big garden with bamboos. I used to jump off the wall behind them and bounce up and down .. in retrospect I was lucky not have been impaled on one of them..

My most favourite pastime was clambering about on the roof. When I had enough of that I'd courie in by the eaves read my book and spy on the neighbours ..I could reach it from my bedroom window quite handy for night expeditions ... This was my in the days when your parents didn't have a clue what you were up to and the 'health and safety polis' were nowhere to be seen ! !!

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