Mrs Happy

By Riwaka7

Liquid Amber Eyes

Amber is her name and she is a live wire. Lives next door and we only see her if we go over to visit but we often hear her as she gets very excited by most things. water, running in the park, and cats.
When I knock on the door I wait now until Donna answers otherwise Amber will be bouncing round you practically knocking you over in her exuberance.
Amber was a stray brought home by Donna's brother. Donna cannot say no to any bird, animal, reptile, insect etc etc that has been treated poorly or is injured. Even ants she has difficulty killing.
So her brother long gone but Amber still there. It was obvious she had been mistreated as she cowered a lot and ran but now she is very confident and wants you to play the "throw the ball" game over and over.
Donna's mother Cynthia, who turns 96 soon, fills her day by throwing the ball, kicking the ball, teaching Amber patience.
The SX60 caught her just the once, in between staring down at the ball and running. I thought, if only I could get people photos this good. Didn't have to do a thing to it.

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