Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Women at Work

I had in mind a shot of the best barista in town or the women working on traffic control for the light rail works going on in town for the Community Challenge.  In both jobs, these women stand on their feet for long hours.  The traffic ladies are out in 40C with a beach umbrella and some water only although our weather seems to have settled down a bit now.  Both have to be good with the public as I have seen drivers being very rude to the traffic controllers and people can be rude when ordering.

Britt the barista knows 100s of peoples names and their choice of coffee.  She is my 10 am salvation every working day. The lady to her right, Megan is the owner of the cafe and knows about the same number of people but doesn't make as good a drop as Britt.  You can see these three have a grat working relationship.    If you are ever in Newie, come to MJs on Honeysuckle drive and you won't regret the coffee.  She told me the secret is the machine as she makes a lousy cup at home but somehow I don't believe that. 

Happy International Women's day blipmates.

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