By AmandaT2013

The Beast from the East and Storm Emma, 1 week on!

On the way to work this morning I spotted snow still in the fields  from last Thursday and managed to stop and take this from the car window.  The lighting was interesting as the rain had just passed and the rising sun caught the clouds.

Some good news and bad news from my physio today.  My shoulder and neck haven't settled and it was quite painful driving so Sue is going to refer me back to the same consultant I saw in 2011 after I dislocated my left shoulder.  Hopefully no major damage will be found.  My foot however has improved a lot and whereas at the start of the year she was only able to apply a light moderate pressure to my foot it is now OK with firm pressure. The next step now is to start putting some weight back on it by small periods (2-3 minutes max) occasionally at home by walking without crutches.  It feels so weird and my brain has almost forgotten how to walk after 10 weeks on crutches. 

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