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By magi

Day of Protest

Day 7 of the USS strike. Glorious sunshine. Actually, I was wearing too many layers and was well roasted. The students brought hot chocolate and cakes and, more importantly, moral support. At lunch time we had a big rally outside the parliament. Great speeches from the student union and other related unions. We also got support from various MSPs. Ross Greer from the Greens gave an excellent speech. It is curious that we get support from our government yet the employers are still not listening. 8 guess unis are halfway between public and private sector. Uni staff see themselves as public sector workers while uni management imagines itself to be private sector (including obscene salaries). There were representatives from all major parties with the notable exception of the Tories. Wonder why they didn't turn up. We are now halfway through the 14 days of strike. The university staff with support from the students are resolute. We shall see if the employers concede.

It is also International Women's Day. It is well worth listening to Mhairi Black's speech on misogyny and the amount of abuse she gets. Mhairi is the youngest MP and a very passionate speaker. Be warned, the speech is very explicit.

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