International Women's Day

An event was organised i the library, three different groups hosted  it. The local county, the local council and the Women's Refuge. There were so many people in the room that extra chairs had to be found! The theme was "After #MeToo" and there were some very encouraging energies flowing, some concrete moves have already been made and more are on the way.

Eva from the Women's Refuge was very good, she spoke about the human beings caught in the crossfire of male violence, and how lives do get turned around. The most inspiring thing for me was hearing a girl who is studying at upper secondary school talking. She took up the law that is in the pipeline about sexual consent. She spoke about how she wants to earn the same as men, and expects to be treated fairly. What inspired me - apart from her self-assured eloquence - was that there was something so "taken for granted" in her way of seeing equality, as if that already was her norm. I my notes I wrote the word HOPE in nice big letters. And there was a lot of clapping!

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