Meter maid!

International Women's Day and here is a fellow blipper, out reading water and electricity meters, so the perfect blip for today.  

It was lovely weather for being out and about, mild enough not to need gloves or a hat!  Spent the morning in the garden, and the afternoon helping H with the ponies.  Great excitement - I drove the little tractor, a Kubota for those who like to know these things, up to the midden with a full scoop of muck and using various levers, dumped it exactly where I was meant to!  A first and great fun.  

Another first was riding Holly, a pony I've never ridden before, who is very strong and a bit of a challenge, but we seemed to bond straight away and I really enjoyed myself.  Nimbus is a bit below par, so being rested at the moment.  We had a little chat, and I explained to her that she was still No.1 Pony!

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