By LmiriamC

Hot lava

It looks a bit like hot lava but it's far from it. We are having a gray, rainy day so I took a picture of the only warm thing I could find, and it is very obvious that it's the little electric fireplace. 

I'm missing Salem as she has been at the vet all day. She had her teeth cleaned and I take her to a vet who uses anesthesia so she will be groggy when I go get her. She has lenticular sclerosis, meaning the lens of her eye is getting a bit cloudy. It's an age thing but at least it's not going to cause her to go blind. Phew.

If you want to see an actually good photo of a wood duck, please click here. My husband took it yesterday with his professional gear (he says the lens is 600mm/f4, the camera has a 1.3 crop censor, and the lens has a 1.4x extender on it...which is something like 1020mm).  It wasn't a sunny day so it could have been even more spectacular. Sometimes I wonder why I bother!

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