By QuerkyPoo


Being an inclimate day I thought I would spill some water on the floor and do the water drip in a baking tray trick.  Its a fidly business and I recommend if you do it to have plenty of time and take time with the set-up of:
baking tray half filled with water - hang a freezer bag from a chair on your work bench with a pin prick in one corner. tie it to the back and aim it for the middle of your baking tray half filled with water. put some colour paper or card behind the tray to reflect in the water. set up camera on tri-pod. try and focus maually on on pencil where the drip is dripping. this doesnt always get sharp as the drip can change place. Use a remote flash aimed at the coloured background, use a clicker/shutter thingy to shutter cam. take a million shots and hope for a good result >>>> good luck
rgds poo 

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